PreK-12 Educational Evaluation TIG Proposal Review Criteria

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The PreK-12 Educational Evaluation TIG Leadership Team would like to share our proposal review criteria to help submitters and our TIG members as a whole better understand the review process. Our criteria are quite similar to the ones used for AEA’s general review process; we also use a few more TIG-specific criteria to aid with building the final conference program. Below you will find a list of the criteria on which proposals are judged when they are reviewed by volunteers for the PreK-12 Educational Evaluation TIG. Please view the separate Proposal Review Worksheet for more details and the accompanying scoring guide. For Educational Evaluations in US visit here

The following elements are reviewed for each proposal:

1) The proposal’s relevance to the PreK-12 Educational Evaluation TIG’s topics and interests.

2) The proposal’s relevance to the conference theme, From Learning to Action.

3) The quality of writing of the proposal.

4) The clarity and organization of the proposal.

5) The rigor and appropriateness of the methods used in the proposal.

6) The clarity of the proposal’s purpose.

7) Whether or not the proposal introduces new ideas and/or methods (the innovativeness of the proposal).

8) Whether or not the proposal has the potential to promote the development of new skills and knowledge.

9) The proposal’s focus (should be more about generalizable evaluation theories, policies, and practices that may advance the field of evaluation and evaluation practice versus site/specific population results).

10) The potential impact that the proposal could have on the field of evaluation.

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