The Best 4 Ways To Improve Your Online Presence

Using data and social connections is easier than you think.

Here are four things that you can do today to help your business be more relevant, more aware and more successful.

1. Listen to your site.

Your website is a valuable source of information. The amount of time your site visitors spend on each page and where they go next, tells you a lot about what they are looking for and how they get there.

Using google analytics, which just needs you to sign up for a free account and place one line of code on each page (if you don’t know, call me, I can help), will give you a heap of information that will help you evolve your digital storefront. For more information check SEO Company in London

2. Experiment with when and how you say things.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are all tools to connect and tell stories, but also a great way to understand what is getting attention and from whom. Every post you make will have an impact – likes, favorites, shares and views.

Try mixing up your content whether that’s the tone, the topic, even the time of day you post and see what works. Soon you will have a winning social formula.

3. Be aware of the trends.

Twitter and Instagram have the ability to tell you what people around you think is important. Once a day, log in and check what the trending topics are.

If you have a point of view or something to do with one of them, let people know. People like to be in the know, and if you are supplying or commenting on something hot, you will get so much more out of your social efforts.

4. Turn data into actions.

Every piece of information, from your website statistics to your social metrics, can help you make decisions. What do people want more of? Their online actions will tell you.For more info on SEO Services visit

Or at least give you a hint. Then you can take that data driven hunch and focus your efforts in that direction. It’s better than guessing.

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