The Process Of Getting An F1 Student Visa

Have you ever imagined yourself learning in a university outside your home country? Do you see yourself being in a group of diverse students working on a school project? Studying overseas not only enrich your academic life but provides you with great cultural and social experiences as well.

It is every student’s goal to get a good education. Education is one very important thing that contributes to a person’s success; hence, getting a degree in a prestigious university is a great advantage to any student. Furthermore, some students want to explore and take the opportunity in being educated outside their home country, particularly in the United States of America. For H1B Visa Process Visit here

The United States of America houses different well-known universities. These universities offer different programs that most foreign students are interested in studying. However, one cannot just go to the United States and start studying. Obtaining a visa, particularly the F1 Student Visa is necessary.

The F1 visa is awarded to individuals to study or conduct research at an accredited academic institution in the United States. To be qualified for the said visa, one must be accepted in a recognized academic institution and should have the necessary requirements. Here’s how you can apply for F1 visa:

1. Applicants should take a necessary academic test.

Each student has a different course program that they want to study. Moreover, there are certain academic tests that are a requirement to these course programs. For example, we have the SAT, GRE, GMAT or the TOEFL. Applicants have to register for one of these exams – depending on the requirement – and take the exam in their home country.

2. Applicants should register in an accredited US academic institution

Any candidate for this visa should first find a school or university. They need to apply and complete all the requirements of the school. Once they pass all the requirements, an I-20 form will be given by the school. An I-20 form is a government certificate that will state that the student is bona fide, has met all the school’s requirement, is in a full course program and has provide proof of funds to sustain while living in the US.

3. Apply for the Visa

Once your application is received, you will be scheduled for an interview. The interview will also determine if you will be granted with the F1 visa. Once you get a positive response, you are ready for the next step. For H1B Visa process visit kotra

4. Have your visa stamped.

Present your valid passport, Consular Electronic Application Center or CEAC Barcode, valid visa receipt, original interview appointment letter and I-20 to the embassy.

5. Contact your academic institution.

Once done, contact the school and inform that you are granted with the visa. They might have instructions for you before starting the academic year with them. The important thing in filing this visa is the readiness of the requirements. Have the requirements complete beforehand before lodging your applications.

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